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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night Time Economy

This joint select committee was established on 29 May 2019 to inquire into and report on Sydney's night time economy.


Resolution passed by the Legislative Assembly, 29 May 2019, Votes and Proceedings No 5, Item 5

Resolution passed by the Legislative Council, 29 May 2019, Minutes No 4, Item 22


Legislative Assembly


Mr Andrew Constance moved by leave, That:

(1) A Joint Select Committee, to be known as the Joint Select Committee on Sydney’s Night Time Economy, be appointed.

(2) That the Committee inquire and report into Sydney’s night time economy, including any measures required to:

(a) maintain and enhance community safety;

(b) maintain and enhance individual and community health outcomes;

(c) ensure existing regulatory arrangements in relation to individuals, businesses and other stakeholders, including Sydney's lockout laws, remain appropriately balanced;

(d) enhance Sydney’s night time economy, and any other directly relevant matters.

(3) The Committee will consult with key stakeholders as required.

(4) The Committee to consist of five members of the Legislative Assembly, including three Government members and at least one cross bench member, and five members of the Legislative Council, including two Government members (one of whom shall be Chair) and at least two cross bench members.

(5) The Honourable Natalie Ward MLC be appointed to serve as Chair of the Committee.

(6) All Legislative Assembly Committee members be nominated in writing, by the Government and Opposition Whips, to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by 4.00 pm on 29 May 2019.

(7) That at any meeting of the Committee, six members shall constitute a quorum, provided that the Committee meets as a joint Committee at all times.

(8) The Committee have leave to make visits of inspection within the State of New South Wales.

(9) The Committee report by 30 September 2019.

(10) A message be sent to the Legislative Council requesting the Legislative Council agree to the resolution, nominate five of its members to the proposed Committee, and to fix a time and place for the first meeting. Question put and passed.


Legislative Council


Order of the day read for the resumption of the adjourned debate on the motion of Mrs Maclaren-Jones:

1. That this House agrees to the resolution in the Legislative Assembly's message of Wednesday 29
May 2019 relating to the appointment of a Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night Time

2. That the representatives of the Legislative Council on the Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night
Time Economy be Mrs Natalie Ward, Mr Ben Franklin, Mr John Graham, Ms Cate Faehrmann and
Mr Mark Latham.

3. That the time and place for the meeting by 4 June 2019 at 9.00 am at Parliament House.

Debate resumed.

Question put and passed.