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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee on Sydney's night time economy

This joint select committee was established on 29 May 2019 to inquire into and report on Sydney's night time economy. The committee will report to Parliament by 30 September 2019.


The Committee is now receiving submissions and will close on Tuesday 2 July 2019. To lodge a submission please click on the submission tab below.

Chair: Ward, Natalie (LIB, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Greenwich, Alex (IND, LA Member)
Members: Conolly, Kevin (LIB, LA Member)
Faehrmann, Cate (GRNS, LC Member)
Franklin, Ben (NAT, LC Member)
Graham, John (ALP, LC Member)
Latham, Mark (PHON, LC Member)
Provest, Geoff (NAT, LA Member)
Wilson, Felicity (LIB, LA Member)
Zangari, Guy (ALP, LA Member)