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About committees

About committees

Parliamentary committees inquire into issues that are important to the people of New South Wales. Parliamentary committees are appointed by one or both Houses and are made up of members of Parliament.

Committees increase public awareness and debate on issues under consideration by Parliament. They benefit the community by reviewing proposed laws, facilitating more informed policy-making and ensuring greater government accountability.

Committees can call for written submissions, conduct hearings where witnesses give evidence and seek advice from experts. They provide a forum for the public to have their say on issues before the Parliament. Committees report their findings and recommendations for government action to the Parliament.

The Legislative Council's committee system consists of:
  • Standing committees – appointed for the life of the Parliament to investigate particular subject areas.
  • Select committees – appointed to investigate a particular issue.

In addition to serving on Legislative Council committees, Council members may also serve on joint committees comprised of members from both Houses:
  • Joint select committees – appointed to investigate a particular issue.
  • Joint statutory committees – appointed by legislation to investigate particular subject areas.

More information is available at Upper House Committees or contact committee staff on (02) 9230 3672.