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The Bicentenary of the Legislative Council

The Bicentenary of the Legislative Council

Bicentenary of the Legislative Council Celebrating 200 Years of Democracy Logo Animation
​​​ The Bicentenary of the NSW Legislative Council falls in 2024, marking 200 years since the newly established Council sat for the first time in 1824 and the birth of the country’s very first legislature. It’s a once-in-lifetime opportunity to reflect on our incredibly rich and complex journey, celebrate our successes and impact, and together imagine a robust parliamentary democracy of the future.

You too can get involved! Throughout 2024, you can join a host of exciting events, dive into the fascinating stories from the Council’s past, hear from our members past and present, and learn more about the powers, role and strengths of NSW Parliament’s Upper House. Help us celebrate this momentous milestone for parliamentary democracy in Australia. ​

Explore everything the Bicentenary has to offer so far via the links below, including details of upcoming events, colourful stories from our past, and useful related resources. Follow us on Facebook and X (Twitter) to keep updated.
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​​​​​​​​ The Story of the Legislative Council​

Discover key events in the Council's development
​​​​ Events and Exhibitions

Join us for fascinating seminars, events and exhibits
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​​​​​ WATCH: What's the Bicentenary all about?
​​​ ​Discover a brief history of the Legislative Council – and the key events our Bicentenary will be commemorating – with this handy overview from our friendly Council staff:
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