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Department of Parliamentary Services

Department of Parliamentary Services


The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) is a specialist service department working to support the operation of NSW Parliament by providing logistical support and advice to members, the Departments of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly and the people of New South Wales.

The Department serves the parliament of the day as a whole, and as such has a reporting relationship to both Presiding Officers, as the representatives of their respective Houses

In brief, some of the ​​responsibilities of the Department include:​​

    • Maintaining and developing the parliamentary buildings and precinct, including a significant capital works program that includes Australia's oldest public building
    • Providing information and technology services such as IT infrastructure, as well as running the Parliament's digital transformation agenda
    • Providing Hansard, archives and library and research services
    • Providing financial support and advice, including the management of Members' entitlements and governance/planning functions
    • Providing support in the areas of human resources and industrial relations, as well as recruitment, training and staff development
    • Coordinating security across the precinct
    • Providing catering, function and dining services
    • Managing and implementing engagement, education and community outreach programs
    • Managing the Parliament's electorate office network, consisting of 98 offices across the state
    • .

To this end, the c​​orporate structure of the Department brings together the following teams: Hansard, Library & Research, Communications, Engagement & Education, Financial Services & Governance, People, Property & Security, Digital Transformation, and Capital Works Strategy & Delivery.

Below are some links to more information on DPS (including programs and services offered by the various teams), as well as corporate information such as the Annual Reports and Organisation Chart.​