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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Explore the legislative chambers and grand historic rooms of NSW Parliament House in this 360-degree virtual tour.

As you navigate through the virtual tour, hover over the pop-up information boxes to learn more about the history and hidden features of the places in which parliamentarians have enjoyed the contest of ideas since the 1820s. Travel through the Corridor of Premiers, learn about ceremonial artefacts, view portraits of significant NSW political figures, and discover the Reconciliation Wall, a space dedicated to promoting Aboriginal art and expression by Aboriginal people within the state.

Alternatively, press 'play' on our auto-pilot feature, sit back, and enjoy a seamless pre-recorded tour of the Parliament of NSW.

Guided video tours

Get to know the New South Wales Parliament through our virtual video tour series! 

1.       Introduction

Meet John and Hayley who will be taking you on a tour through the historic New South Wales Parliament.



2.       The Legislative Assembly Chamber

Join us for a tour through Australia's oldest parliamentary chamber, home to the Legislative Assembly of NSW.





3.       Legislative Council Chamber

Check out the Legislative Council and learn about the chamber's unique construction!





4.       Legislative Assembly Chamber Continued

Continue your tour of the Legislative Assembly Chamber and learn its interesting nickname!





5.       Legislative Council Chamber Continued

Continue your tour of the Legislative Council Chamber and find out where the Queen sits when she visits the Parliament.




6.       The Mace

Take a closer look at the Mace of the Legislative Assembly and learn how this beautiful weapon came to be on the Table. 




7.       The Black Rod

See the historic and current Black Rods of the NSW Parliament and learn its important role in the opening of Parliament.




8.       Wentworth Room

Follow Hayley through the Wentworth Room and learn about the man it was named after.




9.       Parkes Room

Join John in the Parkes Room and learn about the oldest part of the Parliament building.




10.   Jubilee Room

Discover the beautiful Jubilee Room and its uses today and in the past. 




11.   Legislative Assembly Foyer

Take a wander through the Legislative Assembly Foyer and meet some of our famous former members.




12.   Fountain Court  

Come and see the beautiful public and exhibition space within the Parliament.