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Hansard API

Hansard API

​The Parliament makes available from this website a public Application Programming Interface (API) which provides open access to the following Hansard-related information:

  • Sitting Dates, and links to relevant Hansard contents
  • Members, and links to relevant Hansard contents
  • Bills, and links to relevant Hansard contents
  • Hansard contents, comprising:
    1. Daily transcripts in XML and PDF format
    2. Table of Contents for a specific day
    3. ​Hansard fragments pertaining to a specific topic/bill on a specific day.

The information available from the API covers the period September 1991 to present.

All use of the API and the information accessed is subject to copyright and conditions of use​.  

The API is provided on an “as is” basis.  Other than the documentation provided below, the Parliament does not provide developers with any direct support for its use.