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Daily Program

Daily Program (10 May 2023)

To find out what may be debated in the House today, see the Notice Paper

The Legislative Council conducts business according to a schedule or 'sitting pattern'. The current sitting pattern is shown below.

At the commencement of each day, the House conducts 'formalities'. During this time the following items of business are considered in the order shown:

  • Messages from the Governor
  • Messages from the Legislative Assembly
  • Reports tabled by President
  • Formal business under standing order 44
  • Presentation of papers
  • Presentation of petitions
  • Notices of motions
  • Postponements
  • Ministerial statements
  • Ministerial replies to matters raised on the motion for adjournment

At the conclusion of formalities the House proceeds to consider items of business, such as legislation. As shown in the sitting pattern below, Government business is currently scheduled for consideration on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and private members' business on Wednesday.

Information relating to all items of business proposed or considered is published in the Legislative Council's Notice Paper and Minutes of Proceedings

Proceedings in the House can be followed each sitting day via the live webcast, or the Running Record

For explanations of each House Paper visit About House Papers.

Sitting Pattern May 2023.jpg