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Daily Business Program

Daily Business Program (06 May 2021)

Thursday 6 May 2021

At 9.30 am

Giving of Notices of Motions (General Notices) (for up to 15 minutes)

(for up to 30 minutes)

Orders of the Day

No. 5 Condolence Motion - His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh; resumption of the interrupted debate (Ms Gladys Berejiklian).
No. 4 Budget Estimates and related papers 2020-2021; resumption of the interrupted debate (Mr Dominic Perrottet) (Mr Evans speaking; 9 minutes remaining).


Notices of Motions (for Bills) (for up to 20 minutes)

No. 1     Canterbury Park Racecourse (Sale and Redevelopment Moratorium) Bill (Ms Sophie Cotsis – continuation of the interrupted second reading speech).

No. 2     Residential Tenancies Amendment (Reasons for Termination) Bill (Ms Julia Finn).

At 10.30 am

Joint sitting – Legislative Council vacancy (in Legislative Council)

Orders of the Day (for Bills) (for up to 90 minutes)

†No. 1 ICAC and Other Independent Commissions Legislation Amendment (Independent Funding) Bill– awaiting second reading speech (Mrs Helen Dalton).
No. 3 Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ministerial Code of Conduct - Property Developers) Bill; resumption of the adjourned debate (Ms Jodi McKay – Ms Melanie Gibbons*).
No. 4 Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Publication of Ministerial Register of Interests) Bill; resumption of the adjourned debate (Ms Jodi McKay – Mr Adam Marshall*).
†No. 6 Government Sector Finance Amendment (Government Grants) Bill – awaiting second reading speech (Mr Roy Butler).
No. 7 NSW Jobs First Bill; resumption of adjourned debate (Ms Yasmin Catley – Mr Adam Marshall*)

* denotes member who adjourned debate
Bill forwarded from Legislative Council

General Business Orders of the Day/ Notices of Motions (until 1.15pm)

Notice of Motion given precedence by resolution of the House

No. 2272 Rotary Club of Sydney Centenary (Mr Lee Evans)

Orders of the Day
No. 1 Shoalhaven Anglican School Site; resumption of the interrupted debate (Ms Shelley Hancock).

Notices of Motions

No.1895 Scone TAFE Campus Sale (Mr Jihad Dib)
No.1896 Western Sydney Infrastructure Agenda (Mr Peter Sidgreaves)
No.1897 Single Use Plastics Ban (Mr Jamie Parker)
No. 1898 Fixing Country Bridges Program (Mr Stephen Bromhead)
No. 1899 Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding (Ms Anna Watson)
No.1900 East Hills Electorate – Greening Our City Program (Ms Wendy Lindsay)
No. 1901 Government Funding for Local Projects (Ms Tamara Smith)
No.1904 Goulburn Electorate – Greater Cities and Regional Sport Facility Fund (Mrs Wendy Tuckerman)
No.1905 Lilliane Brady OAM – Cobar Mayor (Mr Roy Butler)
No. 1906 West Wyalong TAFE (Ms Steph Cooke)

At 2.15 pm
Ministerial Statements
Giving of Notices of Motions (Government Business, Bills, Business with Precedence)
Question Time
Ministerial Statements 
Committee Reports and Announcements
Placing or Disposal of Business
Business with Precedence under SO 118 (if any)
Private Members' Statements

At 4.00 pm

Order of the Day (Petitions)

No.1 Debate on a petition from certain citizens requesting the Legislative Assembly hold a judicial inquiry into the financial mismanagement of Central Coast Council and the Minister for Local Government delay any application by the Council to IPART for a Special Rate Variation and any decision on the sale of Council assets until residents can consider the findings of the judicial inquiry and its recommendations (presented by Mr David Harris).

Private Members' Statements (if not completed from prior to the Petition discussion)
Community Recognition Statements (for a period of up to 30 minutes)

(approved by email)
Mark Speakman, MP
Leader of the House