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Daily Business Program

Daily Business Program (22 June 2017)

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20 - 22 June 2017 - MPI.pdf 

Thursday 22 June 2017


At 10.00 am


Giving of Notices of Motions (General Notices) (for a period of up to 10 minutes)



(for a period of up to 30 minutes)


Orders of the Day

†No.1    Electronic Transactions Legislation Amendment (Government Transactions) Bill; resumption of the interrupted second reading debate (Mr Anthony Roberts)

No.4      Transport Administration Amendment (Closure of Railway Line Between Rosewood and Tumbarumba) Bill; consideration of Legislative Council amendment (Mr Andrew Constance)

No.5      Granville Train Disaster First Responders; resumption of the interrupted debate (Mr Anthony Roberts)

†             Bill forwarded from the Legislative Council



All Notices of Motions (for Bills) have been postponed 

All Orders of the Day (for Bills) have been postponed


Notice of Motion (General Notices) accorded precedence at this sitting

No.2202              Buddy Day and Anti-Bullying (Ms Melanie Gibbons)


Order of the Day (General Orders)

No.1                     Regional Infrastructure Investment (Ms Katrina Hodgkinson) and proposed amendment


Notices of Motions (General Notices)

No.1647              Premier and Wollondilly (Mr Jai Rowell)

No.1648              Minister for Women (Ms Jenny Leong)

No.1649              Rotary Club of Hurstville Fund Raising (Mr Mark Coure)

No.1650              Campbelltown Train Carriage Overheating (Mr Greg Warren)

No.1652              Lake Macquarie Palliative Care Services (Mr Greg Piper)

No.1653              Glenn Kolomeitz – NSW RSL Chief Executive Officer (Mr Gareth Ward)

No.1654              Electricity Supply (Ms Kate Washington)

No.1655              Martin Bridge Maintenance (Mr Stephen Bromhead)

No.1656              Granville Police Station Staffing (Ms Julia Finn)

No.1657              Moorebank Intermodal Site Endangered Flora (Ms Melanie Gibbons)


At 11.00am


BUDGET 2017-2018

Appropriation Bill and cognate bills; resumption of the adjourned second reading debate (Mr Dominic Perrottet—Mr Luke Foley*) (pursuant to the suspension of standing and sessional orders on 1 June 2017)

*             denotes Member who adjourned the debate



Notices of Motions (General Notices) and the Order of the Day (General Orders) to be continued until 2 pm (pursuant to the suspension of standing and sessional orders on 1 June 2017)


At 2.15 pm

Ministerial Statements

Giving of Notices of Motions (Government Business, Bills, Business with Precedence)

Question Time

Ministerial Statements


Committee Reports and Announcements


Placing or Disposal of Business



Notice of Motion

No. 1     Service NSW (One-stop Access to Government Services) Act – Disallowance of Regulation (Mr Clayton Barr)


Committee Reports (Take Note Debate) (for a period of up to 30 minutes)

No.1       Report of the Legislation Review Committee entitled "Legislation Review Digest No. 39/56", dated 20 June 2017


Matter of Public Importance

Community Recognition Statements (for a period of up to 30 minutes)


At 4.30 pm

Order of the Day (Petitions)

No.  1    Discussion of a petition opposing the reintroduction of tolling on the M4 Motorway. (Ms Prue Car)


(If Community Recognition Statements from prior to the Petition discussion have not been completed)


Community Recognition Statements (if not completed) 

Private Members' Statements 



Anthony Roberts, MP

Leader of the House