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Daily Business Program

Daily Business Program (10 June 2021)

101 10 June 2021 Program.pdf

Thursday 10 June 2021

At 9.30 am

Giving of Notices of Motions (General Notices) (for up to 15 minutes)

(for up to 30 minutes)

Notice of Motion

Orders of the Day

No. 3 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill: consideration of Legislative Council amendments (Mr Adam Marshall).
No. 5 Budget Estimates and related papers 2020-2021; resumption of the interrupted debate (Mr Dominic Perrottet) (Mr Mark Taylor speaking; 8 minutes remaining, after obtaining an extension).


Notices of Motions (for Bills) (for up to 20 minutes)

No. 1 Residential Tenancies Amendment (Reasons for Termination) Bill (Ms Julia Finn – continuation of the interrupted second reading speech).

Orders of the Day (for Bills) (for up to 90 minutes)

No. 5 Canterbury Park Racecourse (Sale and Redevelopment Moratorium) Bill; resumption of adjourned debate (Ms Sophie Cotsis – Mr Adam Marshall*).

* denotes member who adjourned debate
Bill forwarded from Legislative Council

Notices of Motions (until 1.15pm)

No.2075 Prevention of Domestic Violence Programs (Ms Trish Doyle)
No. 2077 Electricity Transmission Infrastructure (Dr Joe McGirr)
No. 2078 Sydney's Night-Time Economy (Mr Peter Sidgreaves)
No. 2079 Housing NSW – Neill Terrace Playground (Mr Tim Crakanthorp)
No. 2080 Road Safety Projects (Mr Paul Toole)
No. 2081 Child Protection Authority Powers (Ms Anna Watson)
No. 2082 Molong Commonwealth Bank Branch (Mr Philip Donato)
No. 2083 NSW Seniors Festival Grants Program (Mrs Wendy Tuckerman)
No. 2085 Junee Sewerage Treatment Plant (Ms Steph Cooke)
No. 2087 Tumbarumba Multipurpose Service (Mr Justin Clancy)

At 2.15 pm

Ministerial Statements
Giving of Notices of Motions (Government Business, Bills, Business with Precedence)
Question Time
Ministerial Statements 
Committee Reports and Announcements
Placing or Disposal of Business
Business with Precedence under SO 118 (if any)
Community Recognition Statements (for a period of up to 30 minutes)

At 4.00 pm

Order of the Day (Petitions)
No.1 Debate on a petition from certain citizens requesting the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to stop the cuts to cardiac surgery at the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick (presented by Dr Marjorie O'Neill).

Community Recognition Statements (if not completed from prior to the Petition discussion)
Private Members Statements

(approved by email)
Mark Speakman, MP
Leader of the House