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Daily Business Program

Daily Business Program (01 June 2023)

9 1 June 2023 Program.pdf

Thursday 1 June 2023


House meets at 10.00 am

Routine of business for this day subject to resolution of the House


Giving of Notices of Motions (General Business) (for a period of up to 15 minutes)



Order of the Day

No. 3     Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Digital Evidence Access Orders) Bill; resumption of the adjourned debate (Mr Michael Daley – Mr Alister Henskens).


At 11.00 am


Ministerial Statements

Giving of Notices of Motions (Government Business, Bills, Business with Precedence)


Question Time


Ministerial Statements


Committee Reports and Announcements

Petitions - Announcements

Placing or Disposal of Business

Business with Precedence under Standing Order 118 (if any)


Inaugural Speeches

Member for Ryde

Member for Holsworthy


Resumption of Government Business, until 1.30 when the Speaker leaves the Chair


At 2.30 pm


Resumption of Government Business (if required, if concluded proceed to General Business)



General Business Orders of the Day or Notices of Motions (for up to 70 minutes)


Order of the Day

No. 1                   Dapto Residents Motorway Access (Ms Anna Watson speaking, 3 minutes remaining)

Notices of Motion

No. 4                   Poker Machine Reform (Ms Felicity Wilson)

No. 5                   Teacher Shortages(Ms Liesl Tesch)

No. 6                   Health Services in Rural, Regional and Remote NSW (Dr Joe McGirr)

No. 7                   Railway Infrastructure and Systems Review (Mr Greg Warren)

No. 8                   Infrastructure Projects (Mrs Tanya Davies)

No. 9                   Great Western Highway Project (Ms Trish Doyle)

No. 10                 Emergency Services Levy (Mr Adam Marshall)

No. 11                 Bus Industry Taskforce (Ms Yasmin Catley)

No. 13                 Uncle Wes Marne (Mr Edmond Atalla).


At 4.00 pm

Order of the Day (Petitions)

No.  1    Debate of a petition from certain citizens requesting the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to eliminate patient costs for radiation treatment at Wagga Wagga and Griffith cancer treatment centres. (presented by Dr Joe McGirr).


Resumption of Government Business (if required, if concluded proceed to General Business)


Community Recognition Statements

Private Members Statements



(approved by email)

Ron Hoenig, MP

Leader of the House