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About the Department of the Legislative Assembly

About the Department of the Legislative Assembly

The staff of the Department of the Legislative Assembly demonstrate a strong ongoing professional commitment to upholding
parliamentary democracy and safeguarding the institution to meet the hig​h level of trust and expectations
placed on us by the Members and the communities they represent. 



​​We are honest and

We are impartial and apolitical. 

We are professional and work efficiently and effectively to deliver results. 

We are always looking to add value, improve and innovate. 

​​We are respectful to one another, to Members and to our stakeholders. 

We respect the institution of Parliament, which we act to preserve and progress for the lasting benefit of the people of New South Wales. 


These ​have been developed to support our vision which is to be leaders in the delivery of parliamentary democracy and community engagement.
You can read more about our values 
here.​​ ​





To be leaders in the delivery of parliamentary democracy and community engagement. ​

Working for the people of New South Wales by providing:
  • impartial advice, support and information to the House and its committees, and to Members so they can perform their representative and parliamentary duties
  • community access to the Legislative Assembly and its proceedings so the people of NSW can fully participate in Parliament.

Our Stakeholders 
Our primary stakeholders are: 
  • the Speaker, the Members and their staff, and the NSW communities they represent 
  • the Executive Government and public sector agencies that are subject to scrutiny by the House and its committees 
  • individuals and organisations that engage with the Assembly and its committees and rely on our impartial advice and accurate information.

​What we do 
​We diligently and apolitically support  the House, its committees and Members, providing accurate information to the public about the work of the Legislative Assembly, and facilitating community engagement.

Our ongoing core business is to: 
  • facilitate and support the sittings of the House
  • support Members in theperformance of their parliamentary duties as legislators and elected representatives
  • provide secretariat and research services to parliamentary committees 
  • advise on parliamentary law, practice and procedure 
  • produce, publish and maintain the records of the House and its committees 
  • publish  information on the Legislative Assembly, its work and parliamentary procedure
  • promote the work of parliamentary committees 
  • engage with the community about the Legislative Assembly and the Parliament
  • manage inter-parliamentary relations with other parliaments within our region the Commonwealth and around the world
  • facilitate meetings and events held in the parliamentary precinct.

To find out more about our Department's objectives and priorities please refer to our Corporate Plan here​