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Sitting day Routine of Business

Sitting day Routine of Business

The Routine of Business in the Legislative Assembly is conducted according to Sessional Order 97, which was last amended on 1 August 2019. The Sessional Order sets out a timetable for the order of business to be considered by the House over three consecutive week days. Government Business is conducted on every sitting day, and General Business is considered on sitting Thursdays.

‚ÄčA PDF of the sitting day Routine of Business is available - Sitting Day Routine of Business.

You can also access an Interactive Sitting Day Schedule which enables you to walk through the business of the House.

Because each sitting day has its own timetable, you can click on a particular item of business and get an explanation of what it is all about. For example, what does "General Business" consist of, or what happens when the House discusses a petition? Access the schedule and click your way through the sitting week.

This short video aims to demystify some of the terminology used in Parliament and give you an introduction about what the Legislative Assembly talk about all day: