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C25 - 25th Anniversary of Committees

C25 - 25th Anniversary of Committees

C25: Marking 25 years of the committee system in the Legislative Council.

Since 1988 Legislative Council Committees have conducted more than 300 inquiries, examining numerous issues of significance to the people of New South Wales: from Adoption Practices to Coal Seam Gas; from Same Sex Marriage to Policing in Cabramatta.

Twenty five years on, it is time to reflect on the contribution of these committees to the effective governance of this State.

The Legislative Council marked this milestone by holding a debate in the House on Thursday 19 September, and a Seminar on Friday 20 September. The full transcript of the Seminar proceedings is also available.

The Legislative Council's Oral History Project was launched during the C25 celebrations. Part 1 of the project is about the establishment of the modern committee system.

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