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Accessibility and inclusion

Accessibility and inclusion

We are committed to ensuring everyone can access Parliament. If you have accessibility requirements not detailed here, contact us online or call (02) 9230 2111 between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan for NSW Parliament

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2024 now launched

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) seeks to improve the accessibility to Parliament for the people of New South Wales, Members, staff, and visitors through the actions set out in the plan's inclusion strategy. This document has been developed in accordance with the Disability Inclusion Action Plan Guidelines and the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), in consultation with members, their staff, the three departments and community advocacy groups.

Under the Act NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014, a Disability Inclusion Action Plan must address the four key goals of the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan that will be supported by:

Goal 1 - Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours. Goal 2 - creating liveable communities.

  • Goal 1: Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Goal 2: Creating liveable communities
  • Goal 3: Supporting access to meaningful employment
  • Goal 4: Improving access to mainstream services through better systems and processes

The above key goals are the guiding principles for the Parliament of New South Wales' approach to improve inclusion, including a complex of buildings (the precinct), electorate offices and the services provided. Read more about the actions we are taking under these goals here.

Diversity and Inclusion at Parliament

The Parliament of NSW’s Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy supports the Parliament’s overall mission to enable Parliamentary democracy in New South Wales and promote a diverse and inclusive environment for members of Parliament, their staff, Parliamentary staff and the community at large.

Read the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

For people who use wheelchairs or with mobility disabilities 

There is ramp and lift access from the Macquarie Street entrance to Reception on level 7. Security officers will direct you to the entrance and a staff member will meet you and escort you into the building. 

Parliament House has: 

  • flat access to the Macquarie, Jubilee, McKell and Preston Stanley Rooms on level 7 
  • flat access to the Public Café and Strangers Dining Room on level 7 
  • flat access to the Theatrette on level 6 
  • accessible lifts from Reception on level 7 
  • carpets with a short, dense pile.  

For people who are blind or visually impaired 

There is signage with raised lettering in some areas of the publicly accessible areas of Parliament House. 

For people who are hearing-impaired, deaf, deaf-blind or have a speech impairment 

Parliament House has fitted induction loops in the: 

  • Visitors’ Galleries of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council Chambers 
  • Macquarie Room 
  • Jubilee Room 
  • McKell Room 
  • Preston Stanley Room 
  • Strangers’ Dining Room 
  • Education Centre 
  • Parliamentary Theatrette 


The National Relay Service is an Australia-wide phone service that can assist with contacting the Parliament. 

Guide dogs and assistance animals 

We welcome guide dogs and other assistance animals at Parliament House. Please ensure you have your animal’s accreditation pass available to present to staff on entry. 

Accessible toilets 

There are accessible public toilets on levels 6 and 7 at Parliament House. A Changing Places facility is available. 

Accessible documents 

Parliamentary documents, including committee transcripts and submissions, are published on our website in PDF format. If you use a screen reader and require documents in an accessible format, please contact the committee officer. 

Planning a visit to Parliament 

If you are planning a visit to NSW Parliament, please find more information here​.