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Parliament House Sustainability Program

Parliament House Sustainability Program

Since 2008 Parliament House (via the Facilities Branch) has undertaken to conduct an extensive facilities and engineering program to improve solar, water and energy consumption at the Parliament.

Dubbed the 'Parliament House Sustainability Program,' the project was initiated with the support of the NSW Climate Change Fund together with capital funding provided by the NSW Treasury. Since its inception, the Program has seen Parliament prevent approximately 72 tonnes of CO2 and conserve over 7,500,000 litres of water through its potable tank water system.

The installation of 162 solar panels atop the Parliament has reduced annual electricity consumption by over 2,400 megawatt-hours (MHh/y).

Following on from these encouraging results, the Parliament has been working to update its NSW Parliament - Sustainability Strategic Action Plan (Road Map) - a comprehensive action plan that will help set the strategic direction for reaching the Parliament's sustainability goals for 2013-2015.