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Inquiry Details

Mobile speed camera enforcement programs in NSW


The Committee inquired into recent changes to the mobile speed camera program in NSW.

The terms of reference are outlined below.

This inquiry was self-referred on 24 May 2021.

The Committee will inquire into, and report on recent changes to the mobile speed camera program in NSW, with reference to:

a) the nature and timing of those changes

b) research, modelling, and the evidence base of fatality and serious injury reduction

c) the views of key road user groups, including the community views towards these changes

d) the nature and oversight of compliance or enforcement contracts with government and private companies

e) the projected impact on revenue generated by these changes

f) the ongoing funding of road safety and the Community Road Safety Fund, both through fines and enforcement activities, and future government contributions

g) enforcement activities, including the balance between direct police enforcement and camera enforcement

h) the impact to people living in regional and rural areas

i) those of low socio-economic backgrounds and Indigenous people

j) the impact on P plate drivers

k) any other related matters