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Inquiry Details

Mobile speed camera enforcement programs in NSW

The Committee will inquire into recent changes to the mobile speed camera program in NSW. The terms of reference are outlined below.


Due to the very large number of submissions received, and the practical capabilities of the Parliament’s website, the Committee has resolved to only publish submissions with more than 250 words. Submissions where the author asked for their submission not be published will stay confidential to the Committee.


All the submissions have been considered, and the Committee greatly appreciates the interest shown in this inquiry.


A full list of the names of all people who made submissions is available in the document below and will also be published in the Committee's report (except those who requested confidentiality or to have their name suppressed).

Chair: Amato, Lou (LIB, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Preston, Robyn (LIB, LA Member)
Members: Bromhead, Stephen (NAT, LA Member)
Butler, Roy (SFF, LA Member)
Gulaptis, Christopher (NAT, LA Member)
Lalich, Nick (ALP, LA Member)
Lindsay, Wendy (LIB, LA Member)
Moselmane, Shaoquett (ALP, LC Member)
Nile, Fred (CDP, LC Member)