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Committee Details

Select Committee on the Continued Public Ownership of Snowy Hydro Limited

Note that a separate committee was formed prior to this one, to inquire into the proposed sale of Snowy Hydro Limited. That sale was subsequently not proceeded with - see Select Committee on the Proposed Sale of Snowy Hydro Limited.
Resolution put and passed 7 June 2006, Minutes of Proceedings No. 6, Items 26 & 35

That a select committee be appointed to inquire into and report on the
continued public ownership of Snowy Hydro Limited, and in particular:
impacts on the short and long term financial position of the Government
including revenue and recurrent costs,
future capital expenditure requirements of Snowy Hydro Limited in order to
remain competitive in the national energy market,
control of water regulation,
access to lands controlled by Snowy Hydro Limited,
removal of disused Hydro infrastructure in National Parks,
heritage issues,
any other related matters.
That the committee consist of seven members comprising:
Government members: Mr Catanzariti, Mr Donnelly and Ms Fazio,
Opposition members: Mrs Forsythe and Mrs Pavey, and
Cross bench members: Ms Hale and Revd Dr Moyes.
That, notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders:
the Chair of the committee be Revd Dr Moyes, and
the Deputy Chair be Mrs Pavey.
That the committee report by Friday 27 October 2006.
That the minutes of proceedings, evidence, all papers, documents, reports and
records of the Select Committee on the proposed sale of Snowy Hydro Limited,
appointed on 3 May 2006, be referred to the committee.