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Committee Details

Privileges Committee

The functions of the committee are to:

(a) consider and report upon any matters relating to privilege which may be referred to it by the House or the President,

(b) receive and consider reports from the Independent Complaints Officer and undertake such other functions as are referred to in the resolution establishing the Independent Complaints Officer,

(c) consider submissions referred by the President concerning rights of reply, and

(d)  under section 72C of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988:

(i) prepare for consideration by the Legislative Council draft codes of conduct for members of the Legislative Council and draft amendments to codes already adopted,

(ii) carry out educative work relating to ethical standards applying to members of the Legislative Council,

(iii) give advice in relation to such ethical standards in response to requests for advice by the Legislative Council, but not in relation to actual or alleged conduct of any particular person,

(iv) review the code of conduct at least once in each period of four years.


Code of Cond​uct​ for Members of the Legislative Council

Chair: Lawrence, Stephen (ALP, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Maclaren-Jones, Natasha (LIB, LC Member)
Members: Fang, Wes (NAT, LC Member)
Higginson, Sue (GRNS, LC Member)
Murphy, Cameron (ALP, LC Member)
Nanva, Bob (ALP, LC Member)
Primrose, Peter (ALP, LC Member)
Roberts, Rod (IND, LC Member)