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Review of the Heritage Act 1977

Review of the Heritage Act 1977

The inquiry into the Heritage Act 1977 was referred to the Standing Committee on Social Issues for inquiry and report on 13 May 2021.


Heritage NSW has published a discussion paper for the review on its website.


A recording of the committee's hearing on 2 August 2021 is publicly available here.


The virtual hearings on 13, 17, 24 August and 3 September 2021 will be live streamed via the NSW Parliament's YouTube Channel. Please refer to hearing schedules for details once available.

Chair: Poulos, Peter (LIB, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Buttigieg, Mark (ALP, LC Member)
Members: Franklin, Ben (NAT, LC Member)
Mallard, Shayne (LIB, LC Member)
Martin, Taylor (LIB, LC Member)
Nile, Fred (CDP, LC Member)
Primrose, Peter (ALP, LC Member)
* Shoebridge, David (GRNS, LC Member)
* Shoebridge, David substituted for Boyd, Abigail