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Committee Details

Standing Committee on Law and Justice

The Law and Justice Committee was first established on 24 May 1995 during the 51st Parliament and has been reappointed in each subsequent Parliament.  The committee was most recently reappointed on 10 May 2023 in the 58th Parliament.


The committee was established to inquire into and report on:


  • legal and constitutional issues in New South Wales, including law reform, parliamentary matters, criminal law, administrative law and the justice system, and 


  • matters concerned with industrial relations and fair trading.     



The Law and Justice Committee has published three Legacy Reports:


Chair: Donnelly, Greg (ALP, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Rath, Chris (LIB, LC Member)
Members: Carter, Susan (LIB, LC Member)
D'Adam, Anthony (ALP, LC Member)
Higginson, Sue (GRNS, LC Member)
Lawrence, Stephen (ALP, LC Member)
Nanva, Bob (ALP, LC Member)
Roberts, Rod (IND, LC Member)