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Inquiry Details

Work Health and Safety Amendment (Information Exchange) Bill 2020

This inquiry was referred to the Law and Justice Committee on 4 August 2020 to inquire and report on the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Amendment (Information Exchange) Bill 2020.


The committee has invited nominated stakeholders to make submissions by 4.00pm, Monday 17 August 2020. Stakeholders and other interested parties who wish to make a submission can contact the secretariat via before this date.  


Chair: Fang, Wes (NAT, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Donnelly, Greg (ALP, LC Member)
Members: Cusack, Catherine (LIB, LC Member)
D'Adam, Anthony (ALP, LC Member)
Farlow, Scott (LIB, LC Member)
Khan, Trevor (NAT, LC Member)
Roberts, Rod (PHON, LC Member)
Shoebridge, David (GRNS, LC Member)