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The exercise of the functions of the Motor Accidents Authority and Motor Accidents Council - Tenth Review

BACKGROUND The Law and Justice Committee has an ongoing role to review the exercise of the functions of the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) and the Motor Accidents Council (MAC). The MAA is the statutory corporation that regulates the NSW Motor Accidents Scheme. It was established under the Motor Accidents Act 1988 on 10 March 1989 and continues to be constituted under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999. Section 210 of the latter Act provides that a committee of the Legislative Council is to be charged with the responsibility of supervising the exercise of the functions of the MAA and the MAC. The Legislative Council first appointed the Standing Committee on Law and Justice to undertake this role in November 1999 and has reappointed the Committee in subsequent Parliaments. Over the years the Committee has examined a range of issues, including the efficiency of the Scheme, the performance of the Motor Accidents Assessment Service and the Claims Assessment Resolution Service, insurer profitability, trends in motor accident compensation claims, the road safety initiatives of the MAA and the cost of CTP motor accident insurance. PAST REVIEWS For more information on the Committee's previous reviews of the exercise and functions of the MAA and MAC, return to the Committee's home page and click on the relevant link under the heading 'Reports'. CURRENT REVIEW Please note that this review was conducted in conjunction with the Committee's third review of the Lifetime Care and Support Authority.  The Committee submission period for this review closed on 21 April 2010 and hearings were conducted on 11 and 21 June 2010. The Committee tabled its report on 28 October 2010. The Government's response to the report's recommendations is due on 28 April 2011.

Legislative Council Committee Report Debate, 28 October 2010

LC Minutes No 5, 30 May 2007, Item 4