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Committee Details

Legislative Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

Committees of the 56th Parliament (2015 - 2019) have ended. Committees of the next Parliament will be appointed by the Houses in due course.




The Public Accounts Committee plays a key role in public sector accountability. The Committee examines the Government’s use of resources and the financial operations of state agencies. It also looks at both financial probity and regularity, and focuses on whether agency programs are achieving their objectives. The Committee reviews reports made by the Auditor-General, to ensure that agencies respond appropriately to the Auditor-General’s recommendations.


The Committee reviews the operation of the Audit Office every four years. In addition, the Committee monitors and reviews the operations of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The Committee's functions can be found in section 57 of Public Finance and Audit Act 1983.





No records of members are available for this committee.