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Inquiry Details

Procurement and management of ICT services in the NSW public sector

This inquiry was established on 23 August 2012 to inquire into and report on issues arising from reports by the Auditor-General on the procurement and management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services by NSW government agencies. In doing so, the Committee will have regard to recent procurement reforms and the three major weaknesses identified by the Auditor-General as leading to failure in ICT project delivery and ongoing project management: deficient project management; poorly guided and managed system migration and data conversions; and poor contract management. The inquiry will focus on measures to improve ICT contract management; the efficacy of central agency policies and strategies; the adequacy of risk management and corruption prevention strategies; long-term planning and other related matters.
This inquiry was self-referred on 23 August 2012.
23 August 2012, Minutes No 31, Item 3.
 Terms of reference - ICT