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Inquiry Details

Review of the Audit Office

The review's terms of reference are included in the tender document. The Audit office Corporate Plan 2002-2005 including Key Performance Indicators and Targets. The conduct of the review is governed by S48A of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983.

This inquiry was self-referred on 1 January 2003.

In December 2002, the Public Accounts Committee resolved to award the contract for the triennial review of the Audit Office to Acumen Alliance, a management consulting firm. The selection criteria for the tender, which were given equal weight, were: The degree of understanding of the Committee’s requirements demonstrated by the bidder. The appropriateness and quality of the method the bidder proposes to follow, including the approach to the task and the proposed schedule and timetable of activities. The bidder’s relevant experience. The expertise and experience of the people proposed to do the work. The total cost, including any significant, additional use of the Parliament’s personnel and facilities etc a bid might require. Management of any conflicts of interest. On 8 January 2003, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Hon J H Murray MP, and Mr Chris LeMesurier, an audit partner at Acumen Alliance, finalised the contract for the review. The key features of the contract were: Acumen Alliance will undertake the review in accordance with the terms of reference outlined in the request for tender document. The cost of the review is $179,250. Acumen will be able to claim up to a further $7,500 in expenses to travel to other state audit offices for benchmarking purposes. The contract terminated when the Auditor-General sends the review report for tabling to the Chairman of the Committee. This occurred on 17 October 2003. On 19 June 2003, at the request of Acumen Alliance and with the agreement of the Committee, the current Speaker, the Hon JJ Aquilina MP, agreed to a contract variation of an additional $10,750 as part payment for further hours incurred by Acumen Alliance. The reviewers waived their claim for travelling expenses, leaving the total cost of the review at $190,000.