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Committee Details

Committee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption

The Committee reviews the ICAC and ICAC Inspector’s performance, examines their annual and other reports, and reports to Parliament on matters relating to their functions. The Committee can also examine trends and changes in corrupt conduct, and practices and methods relating to corrupt conduct, and report on changes needed to the ICAC and ICAC Inspector's functions, structures and procedures.

The Committee does not have the power to investigate particular conduct, or to reconsider the ICAC’s decisions, findings or recommendations about particular complaints or investigations.

The Committee's functions can be found in Part 7 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988.
Chair: Mr Damien Tudehope (Lib, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Mr Geoff Provest (Nat, LA Member)
Members: Mr Ron Hoenig (ALP, LA Member)
The Hon. Kevin Humphries (Nat, LA Member)
The Hon. Trevor Khan (Nat, LC Member)
Mr Paul Lynch (ALP, LA Member)
Ms Tania Mihailuk (ALP, LA Member)
Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile (CDP, LC Member)
Mr Chris Patterson (Lib, LA Member)
Mr Mark Taylor (Lib, LA Member)
The Hon. Lynda Voltz (ALP, LC Member)