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Inquiry Details

Reputational impact on an individual being adversely named in the ICAC's investigations

On 8 May 2020 the Committee published a discussion paper to assist stakeholders in making a submission to the inquiry.
Chair: Davies, Tanya (LIB, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Tuckerman, Wendy (LIB, LA Member)
Members: Clancy, Justin (LIB, LA Member)
Coure, Mark (LIB, LA Member)
Hoenig, Ron (ALP, LA Member)
Khan, Trevor (NAT, LC Member)
Mihailuk, Tania (ALP, LA Member)
Parker, Jamie (GRNS, LA Member)
Roberts, Rod (PHON, LC Member)
Saunders, Dugald (NAT, LA Member)
Searle, Adam (ALP, LC Member)