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Inquiry Details

Prosecutions arising from Independent Commission Against Corruption investigations

The Committee is conducting an inquiry into prosecutions arising from Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigations. The Committee is considering matters including whether gathering and assembling evidence that may be admissible in the prosecution of a person for a criminal offence should be one of the ICAC's principal functions; the effectiveness of relevant ICAC and Director of Public Prosecution processes and procedures, including alternative methods of brief preparation; the adequacy of resourcing; whether there is a need to create new criminal offences that capture corrupt conduct; and arrangements for the prosecution of corrupt conduct in other jurisdictions. It should be noted that under the ICAC Act, the Committee is not authorised to: * investigate a matter relating to particular conduct, or * reconsider a decision to investigate, not to investigate or to discontinue investigation of a particular complaint, or * reconsider the findings, recommendations, determinations or other decisions of the ICAC in relation to a particular investigation or complaint.