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Labor Costings - 23 March 2011

Labor Costings - 23 March 2011

Policy Group & Request Proposal Name Costing
An Active NSW

An Active NSWC072.pdf
Better Public Transport

Costing Request C073.pdf
Better Public Transport
Celebrating our volunteers

Celebrating our volunteersC076.pdf
Protecting Jobs

Costing Request C077.pdf
Protecting Jobs
Protecting NSW: Labor's counter-terrorism policy

Costing Request C085.pdf
Protecting NSW: Labor's counter-terrorism policyC085.pdf
Protecting our community - Tackling crime and its causes

Costing Request C087.pdf
Protecting our community - Tackling crime and its causesC087.pdf
Celebrating our diversity - Labor's citizenship and
multiculturalism policy

Costing Request C101.pdf
Create shared office space in Parramatta for Community Groups with no regular meeting place
Strengthening consumer protection

Costing Request C102 - C108.pdf
Improved online purchase protections, naming and shaming international traders who abuse the trust of NSW consumersC102.pdf
Promote consumer rights using social media tools.C103.pdf
Transfer the Agricultural Tenancies Act to Fair Trading and transfer the dispute resolution role to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy TribunalC106.pdf
Labor's plan for children, families and communities

Costing Request C109.pdf
The Family Literacy Program
Food Security for NSW

Costing Request C117 - C119.pdf
Identify and map valuable farming land and establish Statewide interagency food security taskforceC117.pdf
More artificial reefsC118.pdf
Legislative changes to remove unnecessary and inefficient restrictions on commercial fishers, cut red tape and allow more flexibility in some fisheriesC119.pdf
More police numbers for safer communities

Costing Request C127.pdf
Provide 360 extra police across NSW for Local Area Commands and specialist squadsC127.pdf