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Inquiry Details

Non-registered Motorised Vehicles

This inquiry commenced in February 2013 to review and report on the increasing use of non-registered motorised vehicles, such as mobility scooters, Segways and electric bicycles, on public roads and footpaths and their impact on road safety.

That the Committee inquires into and reports on the increasing use of non-registered motorised vehicles, including mobility scooters, electric bicycles, Segways and quad bikes on public roads, footpaths and public land and their impact on road safety, with particular reference to:

a) The current status of non-registered motorised vehicles in road rules definitions and the extent of road safety problems related to their use;

b) The adequacy of data collection for injury and fatality rates arising from the use of non-registered motorised vehicles;

c) Vehicle standards requirements for non-registered motorised vehicles, including vehicle design, engine capacity, mass and speed controls;

d) The extent and effectiveness of education and the necessity for skills and competency training for users of non-registered motorised vehicles, particularly in relation to safe use;

e) Insurance implications of injuries and fatalities sustained and caused by non-registered motorised vehicles;

f) Initiatives taken by local Councils and other jurisdictions to certify, register and regulate the use of currently non-registered motorised vehicles; and

g) Any other related matters.