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Committee Details

Legislative Council Standing Committee on State Development

The Standing Committee on State Development was first established in the 49th Parliament by resolution of the House of 9 June 1988. The Committee was reappointed in each of the subsequent Parliaments, most recently, on 6 May 2015 for the current 56th Parliament. The committee may inquire into and report on:

(a) issues concerned with state, local and regional development in New South Wales, and

(b) matters concerned with planning, infrastructure, finance, industry, the environment, primary industry, natural resources, science, local government, emergency services and public administration.

The Standing Committee on State Development of the 55th Parliament tabled its Legacy report on 13 November 2014.

Legacy Report - 55th Parliament

Chair: Martin, Taylor (LIB, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Veitch, Mick (ALP, LC Member)
Members: Colless, Richard (NAT, LC Member)
Graham, John (ALP, LC Member)
Green, Paul (CDP, LC Member)
Maclaren-Jones, Natasha (LIB, LC Member)