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Committee Details

Committee on Children and Young People

The Committee was established to oversight the Advocate for Children and Young People, rather than having a general role in relation to children and young people.


The Committee  monitors and reviews the Advocate's performance, and can look at trends and changes in services and issues affecting children and report on changes needed to the Advocate's functions and processes.


In addition, the Committee monitors, reviews and reports on the Children’s Guardian's administration of the Working With Children Check, and the Guardian's roles in relation to the reportable conduct scheme and out-of-home care.


The Committee's functions are at Part 7 of the Advocate for Children and Young People Act 2014.


Please note that the Committee cannot investigate particular conduct, or review the Children's Guardian's decisions or recommendations about specific matters.

Chair: Dalton, Helen (IND, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: McKeown, Karen (ALP, LA Member)
Members: Cohn, Amanda (GRNS, LC Member)
Davis, Donna (ALP, LA Member)
Maclaren-Jones, Natasha (LIB, LC Member)
Suvaal, Emily (ALP, LC Member)
Voltz, Lynda (ALP, LA Member)