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Inquiry Details

2020 Review of the annual reports and other matters of the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People and the Office of the Children's Guardian

Under section 37 of the Advocate for Children and Young People Act 2014 the functions of the Committee on Children and Young People include monitoring and reviewing the exercise of the functions of the Advocate and examining each annual or other report of the Advocate and reporting to both Houses of Parliament on any matter appearing in, or arising out of, any such report.
Chair: Mason-Cox, Matthew (LIB, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: Wilson, Felicity (LIB, LA Member)
Members: Boyd, Abigail (GRNS, LC Member)
Donnelly, Greg (ALP, LC Member)
Harrison, Jodie (ALP, LA Member)
Preston, Robyn (LIB, LA Member)
Saunders, Dugald (NAT, LA Member)