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Inquiry Details

Driver Education, Training and Road Safety

The Committee will inquire into driver education, training and road safety.

To view a video announcing the public hearings for this inquiry please click this link: Driver Education Hearing Announcement Video

The Terms of Reference are outlined below.


The Committee will inquire into, and report on, the role of whole-of-life driver education and training in supporting improved road safety outcomes in New South Wales, with particular reference to:

a) Trends in road safety research and crash statistics

b) Evaluating current driver training, including the effectiveness of refresher training and skills updating, and adaptation to changing vehicle technology

c) The needs of any particular driver groups

d) The needs of driver trainers, both professional and non-professional

e) The needs of metropolitan, rural and regional drivers

f) The needs and expectations of passengers and other road users

g) The cost of driver training standards and how the costs should be allocated

h) The experience of other jurisdictions, and interstate cross-border issues

i) Other related matters.