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Committee Details

Legislation Review Committee

The Legislation Review Committee reviews all Bills introduced into Parliament and reports on the impact of these Bills on personal rights and liberties. Specifically, the Committee is required under section 8A of the Legislation Review Act 1987 to report to Parliament any Bill that:

• trespasses on personal rights and liberties
• does not properly define administrative powers that may affect personal rights
• does not allow for the review of decisions that may affect personal rights 
• inappropriately delegates legislative power
• does not sufficiently allow the Parliament to scrutinise legislative power 

The Committee also reviews and reports on any regulation that impacts on personal rights and liberties, or adversely affects the business community.

The Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the operation of the Legislation Review Act 1987. For further information about the inquiry, please click here.

Legislation Review Digests
All Digests
Digest Published Legislation Examined Digest Minute Extracts
5 of 2018 10 April 2018 Child Protection (Working with Children) Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill 2018
Companion Animals Amendment (Dining Areas) Bill 2018
Smoke-free Environment Amendment Bill 2018
Work Health and Safety Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2017

2018 5
4 of 2018 13 March 2018 Animal Protection and Crimes Legislation Amendment (Reporting Animal Cruelty and Protection of Animal Enterprises) Bill 2018
Casino Control Amendment Bill 2018
Gaming Machines Amendment (Leasing and Assessment) Bill 2018
Liquor and Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
Modern Slavery Bill 2018
Registered Clubs Amendment (Accountability and Amalgamations) Bill 2018
Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Road Safety) Bill 2018
Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018
Wyong Special Area (Protection) Bill 2018

2018 4
3 of 2018 6 March 2018 Family Impact Commission Bill 2018
Medicinal Cannabis (Compassionate Access) Bill 2018
Health Practitioner Regulation (New South Wales) Amendment (Records of Partners) Regulation 2017
Liquor Further Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2017
Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Records of Partners) Regulation 2017
Work Health and Safety Amendment (Licence Register) Regulation 2017

2018 3
2 of 2018 13 February 2018 Industrial Relations Amendment (Contracts of Carriage) Bill 2018
Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

2018 2
1 of 2018 6 February 2018 Civil Liability Amendment (Institutional Child Abuse) Bill 2017
Combat Sports Amendment (Referee's Duty to Stop Contest) Bill 2017
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Waste Incinerator Facilities—Residential Exclusion Zones) Bill 2017
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2017
Property, Stock and Business Agents Amendment (Property Industry Reform) Bill 2017
Saint John's College Bill 2017
Smoke-free Environment Amendment (E-cigarettes) Bill 2017
State Debt Recovery Bill 2017
Teaching and Education Legislation Amendment (Employment) Bill 2017
Vexatious Proceedings Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill 2017
Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment (Information Sharing) Regulation 2017
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (XI FIP World Polo Championship) Regulation 2017
Government Sector Employment Amendment (Transfers to Non-Government Sector) Regulation 2017
Liquor Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulaiton 2017
Liquor Amendment (Special Events Extended Trading) Regulation 2017
Major Events Regulation 2017

2018 1
Chair: Mr James Griffin (Lib, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Mr Lee Evans (Lib, LA Member)
Members: Ms Melanie Gibbons (Lib, LA Member)
Mr Michael Johnsen (Nat, LA Member)
The Hon. Natasha Maclaren-Jones (Lib, LC Member)
Mr David Mehan (ALP, LA Member)
The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane (ALP, LC Member)
Mr David Shoebridge (The Greens, LC Member)