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Committee Details

Legislation Review Committee

The Legislation Review Committee reviews Bills and regulations in accordance with sections 8A and 9 of the Legislation Review Act 1987.  



Legislation Review Digests
All Digests
Digest Published Legislation Examined Digest Minute Extract Responses
1 of 2024 6 February 2024 Ageing and Disability Commissioner Amendment Bill 2023
Constitution Amendment (Executive Council) Bill 2023
Constitution Amendment (Rights and Freedoms) Bill 2023
Constitution Amendment (Rights and Freedoms–Referendum) Bill 2023
Constitution Amendment (Water NSW and Local Water Utilities) Bill 2023
Detention Legislation Amendment (Prohibition on Spit Hoods) Bill 2023
Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Regulation of Personal Adult Use of Cannabis) Bill 2023
Institutions Legislation Amendment Bill 2023
Pill Testing Trial Bill 2023
Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Amendment (Bail Exemptions) Regulation 2023
Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Voluntary Assisted Dying Substances) Regulation 2023
2 of 2024 12 March 2024 Combat Sports Amendment Bill 2024
Electoral Funding Amendment (Local Government Electoral Expenditure Caps) Bill 2024
Environmental Legislation Amendment (Hazardous Chemicals) Bill 2024
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Sea Bed Mining and Exploration) Bill 2024
Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment Bill 2024
Local Government Amendment (De-amalgamations) Bill 2024
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Virtual Stock Fencing) Bill 2023
Residential Tenancies Amendment (Prohibiting No Grounds Evictions) Bill 2023
Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) Amendment Order (No 2) 2023
Childcare and Economic Opportunity Fund Regulation 2023
Health Practitioner Regulation (Adoption of National Law) Regulation 2023
Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Act 2006 &ndash
the Lifetime Care and Support Guidelines
Transport Administration (General) Amendment (Northern Rivers Rail Trail-Bentley to Lismore) Regulation 2023
Water Management (General) Amendment (Floodplain Harvesting Access Licences) Regulation (No 2) 2023
3 of 2024 19 March 2024 Bail and Crimes Amendment Bill 2024
Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill 2024
Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024
Electoral Amendment (Voter ID and Electronic Mark Off) Bill 2024
Emergency Services Levy Amendment Bill 2024
Environment Protection Legislation Amendment (Stronger Regulation and Penalties) Bill 2024
Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ministerial Diary Disclosure) Bill 2024
Rural Fires Amendment (Red Fleet) Bill 2024
Chair: Voltz, Lynda (ALP, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Stuart, Maryanne (ALP, LA Member)
Members: Davis, Donna (ALP, LA Member)
Hagarty, Nathan (ALP, LA Member)
Higginson, Sue (GRNS, LC Member)
Layzell, Dave (NAT, LA Member)
Munro, Jacqui (LIB, LC Member)
Murphy, Cameron (ALP, LC Member)