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Committee Details

Legislative Council Portfolio Committee No. 1 – Premier and Finance

Portfolio Committee No. 1 – Premier and Finance (formerly General Purpose Standing Committee No. 1) was established to inquire into and report on any matters regarding the expenditure, performance or effectiveness of any Government department, statutory body or corporation within the following portfolios:




Industrial Relations

Finance, Services and Property

Innovation and Better Regulation

The Legislature

Chair: Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile (CDP, LC Member)
Deputy Chair: The Hon. Ben Franklin (Nat, LC Member)
Members: The Hon. Scott Farlow (Lib, LC Member)
Mr Justin Field (The Greens, LC Member)
The Hon. Taylor Martin (Lib, LC Member)
The Hon. Peter Primrose (ALP, LC Member)
The Hon. Adam Searle (ALP, LC Member)