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Committee Details

Regulation Committee

The Regulation Committee was first established on a trial basis on 23 November 2017  in the 56th Parliament. The Committee was reappointed in the 57th Parliament on 8 May 2019 and in the 58th Parliament on 10 May 2023.


The committee was established to inquire into and report on:


  • any instruments of a legislative nature regardless of its form, including the policy or substantive content of the instrument,  


  • draft delegated legislation, and  


  • trends or issues in relation to delegated legislation.

Members: Boyd, Abigail (GRNS, LC Member)
Carter, Susan (LIB, LC Member)
Donnelly, Greg (ALP, LC Member)
Kaine, Sarah (ALP, LC Member)
Martin, Taylor (LIB, LC Member)
Mihailuk, Tania (PHON, LC Member)
Murphy, Cameron (ALP, LC Member)
Nanva, Bob (ALP, LC Member)