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Inquiry Details

Homelessness amongst older people aged over 55 in New South Wales

This inquiry was established on 23 March 2022 to inquire into and report on homelessness amongst older people aged over 55 in New South Wales.

Sensitive content and themes in evidence
Owing to the nature of the evidence being considered by this inquiry, some of the evidence received in submissions and during hearings may include sensitive content and themes that may be distressing for some people.

Seeking support
If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please call Link2home Homelessness on 1800 152 152, Domestic Violence Line on 1800 656 463 or MensLine 1300 789 978. For more information visit

Chair: Barrett, Scott (NAT, LC Member)
Members: Boyd, Abigail (GRNS, LC Member)
* Jackson, Rose (ALP, LC Member)
Mallard, Shayne (LIB, LC Member)
* Martin, Taylor (LIB, LC Member)
Nile, Fred (IND, LC Member)
Primrose, Peter (ALP, LC Member)
Rath, Chris (LIB, LC Member)
* Martin, Taylor substituted for Farlow, Scott
* Jackson, Rose substituted for Buttigieg, Mark