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Inquiry Details

Access to Transport for Seniors and Disadvantaged People in Rural and Regional NSW

The Committee is inquiring into access to transport for seniors and disadvantaged people in rural and regional NSW. The inquiry will consider specific issues related to the transport needs of seniors and disadvantaged people, the accessibility of current public transport services, possible strategies to improve access, and support that can be provided to assist with the costs of private transport if public transport is unavailable or unable to meet the needs of these groups.
Chair: Conolly, Kevin (LIB, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Notley-Smith, Bruce (LIB, LA Member)
Members: Cooke, Steph (NAT, LA Member)
Doyle, Trish (ALP, LA Member)
Greenwich, Alex (IND, LA Member)
Harris, David (ALP, LA Member)
Wilson, Felicity (LIB, LA Member)