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​​​​​​​​These factsheets provide an introduction to the workings of the Legislative Assembly.  They set out a broad outline of what happens in the House and how the public is able to interact with it.  Parliamentary proceedings can be complex and these information sheets are designed to give you a start point.  For more detailed information please see our Short guide to procedures​ and the NSW Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege Book​.​


Fact Sheets

​​​No. 1

Electing the Par​liament​​

No. ​2

What does the Legislative Assembly Do?

​No. 3

Key Figures in the Assembly

​No. 4

​Finding out about the House​

​No. 5

A Typical Sitting Week

​No. 6

Making Laws

No. ​7


​No. 8


No. ​9

​​Parliamentary Committees

No. ​10

Citizens' Right of Reply​

​No. 11

​​​Visiting the Chamber​​​