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Fact Sheet No. 11 - Visiting the Chamber

Fact Sheet No. 11 - Visiting the Chamber

The Legislative Assembly Chamber is Australia's oldest legislative chamber. Designed by the Colonial Architect, Mortimer Lewis, it has been used by the Legislative Assembly since the establishment of responsible government and a bicameral Parliament in 1856. The Chamber is rectangular in shape with rows of benches facing each other along each of the longer sides. The Table near the centre of the Chamber, which separates the government and opposition benches, plays a central role. Members speak 'at the Table'; papers become public documents when they are 'tabled' on it; and the Clerks work 'at the Table'.


  • Opening Times
  • Guidelines for Visitors
  • People in the Chamber
  • Chamber Map
  • Chamber Map Guide

Opening Times​

  • The Public Gallery is open on sitting days
  • The dates of sitting days and daily meeting time are set in advance but may change.  They are published on the Parliament's website:
  • Question Time in the Legislative Assembly commences at 2:15pm.  If you are attending Question Time please arrive at Parliament by 2:00pm on the day of your visit and make yourself known to a member of staff at the Legislative Assembly reception desk.

Guidelines for Visitors​

  • Please remain silent while the House is sitting
  • No cameras or video recorders are to be used in the Gallery
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be turned off or on silent
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the Gallery
  • Please do not talk to Members across the barriers or disrupt the proceedings of Parliament
  • Notes may be taken in the Gallery 
  • Only reading matter related to the proceedings may be taken and read in the Gallery while the House is sitting
  • You may leave the Gallery at any time, through the exit door to the veranda

The People in the Chamber​


The Presiding Officer (Chair) of the Legislative Assembly who maintains order and applies the Standing Orders (rules for the proceedings)​


Permanent officers who support the sittings and provide advice on practice and procedure

Deputy Serjeant​-at-Arms

An officer of the Assembly with ceremonial duties, including supervision of the Chamber, and visitors in the galleries


Reporters who produce the written record of parliamentary debates

Press Gallery

Journalists have a gallery located above the Speaker's chair.


There are 93 of the Legislative Assembly who are elected every 4 years. The Government sits to the right of the Speaker and the Opposition to the left of the Speaker.​

Chamber Map

Chamber Map.pngChamber Map Guide.png