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Procedural Publications

Procedural Publications

​​Welcome to the procedural publications homepage, which has a collection of useful resources about the rules, practices, functions and activities of the Legislative Assembly

NSW Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege - This publication provides information on the procedures and practice of the Legislative Assembly and is the primary reference source on the procedures of the House.  It includes discussion on the application of parliamentary privilege as it relates to New South Wales.

A Short Guide to the Procedures of the Legislative Assembly - This publication is an accessible, concise and Plain English introduction to the procedures, practices and customs of the Legislative Assembly.

Decisions from the Chair - Considered Rulings - This publication is a curated collection of considered rulings given by Speakers over the years, that have defined many of the Legislative Assembly's practices and procedures and provided clarity about the application of our Standing and Sessional Orders.

Procedural DigestsThe procedural digests are published after each sitting period and provide a concise and accessible description of significant procedural events that have occurred in the Legislative Assembly during the period covered. Where applicable, background information to the event is provided, as are the relevant Standing Orders, Votes and Proceedings and Hansard references.

Fact Sheets  - These easy to read sheets provide a basic introduction to many of the practices and procedures of the House and its committees.

Procedure can be a complex and contextual subject and as no guide can ever provide for every circumstance, if you have any questions regarding these publications please contact the Procedural Research and Protocol Unit at

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