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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee on Bushfires

The Committee was established to examine and report by 28 June 2002 on a number of matters relating to bushfires and bushfire management since the 1994 bushfires.

Resolution agreed to with amendment, Council Members appointed, time for first meeting set, and message to Assembly — 19 March 2002, 3rd Session, Minutes No. 5, Items 9 and 11.


The Committee's terms of reference are to examine:

  • Hazard reduction and other fire prevention measures.
  • The environmental impact of bushfire management and control on biodiversity and biophysical processes and the application of research, technology and management techniques to minimise the impacts.
  • The causal factors of the bushfires including an investigation of land use decisions, development planning, and the responsibilities of property owners that will reduce bushfire risk and the environmental impact of bushfire management.
  • The adequacy of equipment available to, and training of, Rural Fire Brigades.
  • The adequacy or otherwise of building regulations currently in operation in New South Wales with particular emphasis on the Australian community bushfire safety standards for houses.
  • The use of aircraft in firefighting.
  • The adequacy of changes made to bushfire planning and fighting, development planning and other relevant matters since the 1994 bushfires.


The Committee is to report by 28 June 2002.