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Committee Details

Select Committee on the NSW Taxi Industry

The Committee was established to inquire into and report on the NSW taxi industry.
Legislative Council Tuesday 10 November 2009. Minutes No 125, Item 26 page 1489, as amended by the Legislative Council on 26 November 2009, Minutes No 130, Item 6, page 1566 and on 18 March 2010, Minutes No 142, Item 7, page 1725.
That a select committee be appointed to inquire into and report on the New
South Wales taxi industry, and in particular:
the adequacy of government reporting standards and regulation of the industry
and the impact of this on the provision of quality taxi services for commuters,
including for people using wheelchairs,
the provision of government subsidies to the industry and the allocation and
subsequent trading of free “Nexus” plates, including the impact on public
the effect of limits on the supply of unrestricted taxi licences in New South
Wales, particularly as it impacts on customer service,
anti-competitive activities in the industry and the Government’s compliance
with National Competition Council rulings,
the performance of the wheelchair-accessible taxi fleet, with special regard to
Federal disability discrimination laws and their compliance with the 2002
Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport,
the effectiveness of the Wheelchair Accessible Transport Taxi Driver Incentive
scheme in providing better taxi services for people in wheelchairs,
the Government’s response to the recommendations of a range of reviews into the
taxi and hire car industry over the last decade,
the level of transparency and accountability in the regulation of the industry,
including the reasons for the failure to make public reports flowing from six
out of ten inquiries or reviews over the last decade,
the appropriateness and accountability mechanisms associated with the
appointment of key Government ministers and bureaucrats to positions in the
industry and its impact on Government policy,
regulatory structures in other Australian jurisdictions and the optimal
framework required to achieve the best possible taxi service for members of the
public in New South Wales,
working conditions and entitlements for taxi drivers, and
any other related matters.
That, notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders, the committee
consist of six members as follows:
two Government members,
two Opposition members,
Ms Lee Rhiannon, and
The Hon Roy Smith.
That, notwithstanding anything in the standing orders, at any meeting of the
committee, any four members of the committee will constitute a quorum.
That the committee report byThursday 10 June 2010.