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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee on the Transportation of Nuclear Waste

This committee was established to inquire into and report on the Transportation and Storage of Nuclear Waste in New South Wales.


The closing date for submissions was 31 July 2003. For further information please contact Ian Thackeray, Committee Manager on (02) 9230 3308.


Proposed Transport Routes:

For information regarding the proposed transport routes for New South Wales, please click on the PDF attachment below. This extract (Chapter 7), is from the National Radioactive Waste Repository Draft EIS Main Report (reproduced with permission of the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training).


The full EIS can be found at


For further information, please visit the Radioactive Waste Management in Australia website at

From the Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, Thursday 8 May 2003, entry 17 (12)


That a joint select committee be appointed to consider and report upon proposals by the Commonwealth Government to transport nuclear waste through and
potentially store nuclear waste within New South Wales, with specific reference to the following matters:

  • logistical arrangements associated with the proposals, including sourcing, transport and storage of waste;
  • health and safety risks associated with the transportation and storage of nuclear waste in New South Wales;
  • extent of possible resource implications associated with the transportation and storage of nuclear waste within New South Wales; and
  • any other relevant matter.