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Inquiry Details

Violence Against Emergency Services Personnel

This inquiry is self referred.

1. That the Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety inquire into and report on:

    a. the adequacy of current measures in place to protect emergency services personnel from violence including internal policies and procedures, training, and public education campaigns;

    b. whether current sentencing options for people who assault or murder emergency services personnel remain effective;

    c. possible options for reform;

    d. any other related matter.

2. In examining these issues the Committee should have regard to:

    a. all emergency services personnel, including police; ambulance officers; firefighters; protective services officers; SES workers; lifesavers; marine rescuers; and nurses, doctors and other hospital staff who provide or support emergency treatment;

    b. the incidence of assaults on and homicides of emergency services personnel;

    c. current sentencing patterns for assaults on and homicides of emergency services personnel;

    d. the experience of other jurisdictions.