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Inquiry Details

Ministerial Reference - Inquiry into Pedestrian Safety

The Minister for Roads, the Hon Michael Daley MP, has asked the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety (Staysafe) to conduct an immediate inquiry into Pedestrian Safety. The Committee agreed to the Minister’s request on 6 May 2009 and will examine in detail the matters set out in the attached terms of reference. The increase in pedestrian fatalities this year has given added urgency to this review. While there has been a general upward trend in the number of fatalities and serious injuries on the roads in the year to date, the Committee is undertaking this inquiry against the background that recent pedestrian injuries and fatalities constitute a significant proportion of this overall increase for 2009.

Resolution passed 6 May 2009, Minutes No 22, Item 5, Page 2.

The Minister for Roads, the Hon Michael Daley, MP has asked the Staysafe Committee to investigate recent increases in pedestrian fatalities in NSW. Accordingly, the Committee will inquire into and report on pedestrian safety with particular reference to:

(a) Short and long term trends in pedestrian injuries and fatalities in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas;

(b) Underlying causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities;

(c) The incidence of drivers leaving the scene of the accident after hitting pedestrians;

(d) Effectiveness of recent measures to address pedestrian safety;

(e) Additional strategies to increase pedestrian safety;

(f) The current emphasis placed on pedestrian road users as part of land use policies and in the planning and management of the road system;

(g) Pedestrian safety issues and strategies in other jurisdictions; and

(h) Any other related matters.