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Inquiry Details

Administration of the 2015 NSW Election and Related Matters

The inquiry was established to inquire into and report on the 2015 NSW state election.

Resolution passed in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday 28 May 2015, Votes and Proceedings No 9, entry no. 2.

Resolution passed in the Legislative Council on Tuesday 2 June 2015, Minutes No 9, entry No 13.


(2) The Committee inquire into and report upon such matters as may be referred to it by either House of the Parliament or a Minister that relate to:

(a) The following electoral laws:

  • Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912 (other than Part 2);
  • Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981; and
  • Those provisions of the Constitution Act 1902 that relate to the procedures for, and conduct of, elections for members of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council (other than sections 27, 28 and 28A);

(b) The administration of and practices associated with the electoral laws described at (a).

 (3) All matters that relate to (2) (a) and (b) above in respect of the 28 March 2015 State Election, shall stand referred to the Committee for any inquiry the Committee may wish to make.