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Committee Details

Legislative Assembly Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development

The Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development is a current standing committee of the Legislative Assembly, established 28 May 2015.

The Committee has the following portfolio responsibilities: Finance, Services and Property; Industrial Relations; Innovation and Better Regulation; Lands and Forestry; Premier; Primary Industries; Racing; Regional NSW; Regional Water; Skills; Small Business; Sport; Tourism and Major Events; Trade and Industry; Treasury.

The Committee can scrutinise laws and look at the financial performance and annual reports of government departments.

Chair: Mr Michael Johnsen (Nat, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Mr Greg Aplin (Lib, LA Member)
Members: Mr Clayton Barr (ALP, LA Member)
Mr Adam Crouch (Lib, LA Member)
Mr David Harris (ALP, LA Member)
Mr Jai Rowell (Lib, LA Member)
Ms Tamara Smith (The Greens, LA Member)