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Inquiry Details

Support for drought affected communities in New South Wales


This inquiry was self-referred on 25 September 2019.


Support for drought affected communities in NSW


The Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development inquire into and report on the impacts of drought on regional NSW and identify potential government action with particular reference to regional businesses, economies and communities including:


(a) population loss and loss of key trades, skills and businesses, and community services such as schools and medical services;

(b) business debt finance and responses of financial companies to the impact of drought;

(c) direct and indirect impacts of drought on businesses and industries;

(d) transition and recovery from drought when drought conditions begin to improve;

(e) preparedness for future drought events;

(f) assessment of current Government programs;

(g) temporary relief from state taxes, charges and levies for drought affected businesses;

(h) capacity and coordination of town water supplies and further recycling opportunities; 

(i)  particular impacts on Indigenous communities; and

(j) any other related matter.