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Inquiry Details

Inquiry into the adequacy of youth diversionary programs in NSW

In conducting its inquiry the Committee had regard to the way in which diversionary programs work with all relevant stakeholders.  This includes the Police, Juvenile Justice, the Courts, schools, non-government organisations, and the local community.

In the video below, Committee Chair Mr Geoff Provest MP discusses the Committee's key findings and recommendations in its report on the adequacy of youth diversionary programs in New South Wales:




That the Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety inquire into and report on the adequacy of diversionary programs to deter juvenile offenders from long-term involvement with the criminal justice system.
In examining this matter, the Committee should pay particular regard to
a. the way in which youth diversionary efforts work with:

  • the Police
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Community Corrections
  • the Courts
  • Health, Housing and children's services
  • schools and educational authorities
  • non-government organisations and the local community

b. Aboriginal over-representation in the Juvenile Justice system
c. evaluating outcomes and identifying areas for improvement
d. staff capacity and training requirements
e. case management options
f. bail issues
g. the experience of other jurisdictions
h. any other related matter.