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Inquiry Details

Managing Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity

On 4 March, the Standing Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change) commenced a new inquiry into the quality of management strategies to address the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. The Committee has recognised that there is increasing scientific evidence that climate change is already having significant impacts on biodiversity and that appropriate and adequate management strategies are required to enhance the ability of species and ecosystems to survive. The Committee is also interested to learn about adaptation options to climate change impacts on biodiversity that will also protect industries dependent on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, such as the fishing and aquaculture industries and the tourism industry.
This inquiry was self-referred on 4 March 2009.

That the Committee inquire into and report on:

  • the adequacy of management strategies to address the impacts of climate change on biodiversity in New South Wales ecosystems and any options for improving these strategies in order to ensure that these ecosystems are resilient to the likely impacts of climate change including:
    • increasing invasion of weed and pest species;
    • changes to species' distribution and ecosystem composition including increased risk of extinction;
    • changes to species' life cycle events (such as flowering, egg-laying and migration); and
    • other threats to species or ecosystem health.